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Main categories


Products & accessories for the conscious


Many different kind of bags. Find the one matching your logo

Bags & travel

Bags & travel related products


High quality baskets by the brand TJK


If you are looking for different kind of water bottles, you find it here


Our running campaigns


Candlesphere-tuotemerkki sisältää sarjan mainoskynttilöitä, joissa on luova muotoilu.

Caps & Beanies

A big range of caps, beanies and Multiwear

Electronics & Office

Electronics & Office is modern collection of items

Expo & Event

Expo & Event related products for indoor and outdoor usage

Galaxy Collection

Tutustu Galaxy Collection luotettavien lämpötuotteiden loputtomiin mahdollisuuksiin

Home & Household

Home and household related gifts, and most can be branded


New Fashionable men's and women's watches. If you want to be elegant, sporty, stylish, you will find the right one here.

Logoband / Lanyards

Logoband / Lanyards is one of the most popular product groups

Mobile accessories

Modern mobile accessories, perfect for branding


A big range of mugs from Cupline


Multiwear™ both in own design, and readymade


Tilaa myyntimateriaalit, kuten luettelot


Kokoelma tuoteuutisiamme

Outdoor & Living

A very wide range of outdoor & living products


Outlet-tuotteet antavat sinulle mahdollisuuden erityisen hyvään sopimukseen

Paras myyjä

Kokoelma suosituimmista esineistämme

Personal & Accessories

Fun and useful products in different models and colours

Pins & Metal badges

Promote your company or sports clup with pins & metal badges

Reflectors, tools & safety

A wide collection of reflectors, tools & safety related products


Silmukkahihna on suosittu ripustettavaksi esimerkiksi reppuun tai harjoituslaukkuun. Laaja valikoima heijastimia, työkaluja ja turvallisuuteen liittyviä tuotteita

Sustainable promotional gifts

Sustainable promotional gifts in mostly natural materials

Teemoja & inspiraatiota

Erikoispainotekniikat, tuotemerkit, uutiset ja paljon muuta


Masks, patches, hand gel and other exciting products


Everything you need when it comes to garments and textile

The One Premium

Premium -tuotevalikoima keskittyy sublimaatiotulosteeseen


Products from our great Trading range


Monipuolinen desinfiointi soveltuu useille alueille


The umbrella is a highly valued promotion item. Perfect for logo printing.

USB flash drives

A large collection of USB Flash drives in different models, capacities and colours

Water bottles

If you are looking for different kind of water bottles, you find it here

Writing instruments

Writing instruments are a collection of the most popular promotion items


Multifunctional garment with great possibilities for own marking. Can be worn as a scarf, beanie, headband, etc

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A very big range of reflective products. Jackets, vests, bags, slapwraps, hard reflectors, soft, and much more!

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Exciting adventure products for the outdoor activities

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A rainy day

After rain, comes sunshine, but before that, you want to keep dry. A rull range of umbrellas, ponchos and rainwear. Show your brand with a nice print on the umbrella!

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Your Scandinavian Supplier

Coffee or tea?

With Scandinavias best print possibilities, and a wide range of mugs and cups in different colours and qualities, Cupline is the natural choice.

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Bicycle accessories

If you are looking for bicycle related products, you are at the right place. Here you find everything from reflectors, lamps, tools, bags, or why not a seat cover?!

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Garments over the top

With over 65 000 product combinations, we offer one of the largest range of textiles. This web portal got it all!

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One of our most populare products are bags. You find the most popular models, and we offer fantastic printing possibilities, that will present your brand in the best way.

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