Multicolor – color coating of the inner surface of the promotional ceramics multicolor 900

Multicolor is a new technology of coating the inner surface of the promotional ceramics. Thanks to the unique specificity of used paints, it is possible to combine the Multicolor with other decorating technologies. For example Multicolor can be combined with: Sensitive Touch, Transfer Print, Xpression – Organic Transfer Print and Direct Print.

The big advantage of this technology is also a full resistance to washing in dishwashers.

Available colours

Multicolor coating technology is available in the following colours:

1. yellow
(Pantone 3935)
img_preview 6. green
(Pantone 7732)
img_preview 11. blue
(Pantone 661)
2. yellow
(Pantone 116)
img_preview 7. green
(Pantone 323)
img_preview 12. light brown
(Pantone 7610)
3. orange
(Pantone 021)
img_preview 8. green
(Pantone 7743)
img_preview 13. dark brown
(Pantone 476)
4. pink
(Pantone 7634)
img_preview 9. turquoise
(Pantone 7701/309)
img_preview 14. grey
(Pantone 7544)
5. red
(Pantone 199)
img_preview 10. azure
(Pantone 2190)
img_preview 15. black
(Pantone 419)
All specified Pantone colours are approximate, deviation from these pantone color up to 15% is permissible.
Multicolor – colorful interior of the mug
Technology benefits Technology limitations Technology process phases
• dishwasher safe,
• possibility of mixing with many decoration technologies,
• orders starting from 108 pieces.
• technology available only on selected mugs and cups,
• on some products Multicolor coating may emphasize the previously invisible, texture and flaws of the glaze.
• Preparation of dyes.
• mugs coating in spray chamber,
• firing at about 900 Celsius degrees.

Examples of Multicolor coating:

Multicolor with Transfer Print

Multicolor with Sensitive Touch Color Plus

Multicolor with Sensitive Touch