What we do

We provide the business of product media with strong products for successful campaigns. We have long and relevant experience in specialized production and trading together with our contracted suppliers. Smart and cost effective freight is another cornerstone of our business. This will benefit our customers and partners in several ways.

  • We are producer and members of relevant trade associations.
  • We only sell to vidareförsäljande companies.

Let us be your back office

Let us manage production, shipping and trading - and get more time for sales and customer relations. We have long experience of producing and delivering according to customer requirements and preferences.

Our sourcing office in China

We have been dealing with Asia, especially China, for over 30 years. For more than 20 years, we also own office with the staff that takes care providers and logistics. This has given us a deep-seated knowledge of import and bespoken production. Within the MEC Gruppen, KEBACK provide our resellers with products manufactured in the desired design. For each article of the ordinary range, we have a number of contracted and approved manufacturers.

Tested and certified products from stock

Within the MEC Gruppen, NS Promotion is the proud representative in Scandinavia for Giving Europe, the leading supplier of tested and certified promotional items. Giving Europe is located just outside Amsterdam in the Netherlands. They are strongly committed to their work for product testing and certification, a security for both seller, customer and end user.

Fast deliveries

Our trading orders are mainly shipped by air - so you don`t have to wait for months to get your customised design

Ethics & Environment

All of our manufacturers have agreed to work according to our Code of Conduct. We take producer`s responsiblity for recycling, copyrights, customs and other fees.

We are members of the PWA (Promotion Wholesalers Association) and a number of other organizations like PSI, the Swedish Expo Association, Chamber of Commerce and others