About us

Welcome to TJK – Tage Johanssons Korgar!

TJK Tage Johanssons Korgar, established in the 1930’s, is a part of the Swedish peddler history with arts and crafts made by housewives, sold in markets and fairs. Nowadays, production has moved out from the households in to specialised manufacturers in Europe and Asia

But the knowledge is still maintained in our business throughout generations.We put pride in representing and keeping the traditions alive.

We offer a wide range of hand crafted willow baskets and furniture together with wooden boxes.

  • We sell only to distributors.
  • We take Producers’ responsibilities.

TJK is a part of MEC Gruppen, established in 1985, based in Halmstad, Sweden. With more than three decades of experience from production and import of promotional items we feel confident in helping our resellers and their customers doing good business.