About us

NS Promotion focus on give-aways and promotional items for successful campaigns. All is kept in stock.

We are proud representatives of Giving Europe and their great Impression product range.

The Impression-articles are in compliance with the European Laws and Regulations.

Product certification is increasingly important within the promotional products industry. While most of the suppliers have just begun certifying, the department of Laws and Regulations at Giving Europe is having all articles tested on a daily basis, to make sure we can deliver the requested certificates.

Ahead of the competition

Giving Europe foresaw that laws and regulations would become increasingly stringent. Even before other parties, measures were taken in order to be able to provide all products with the necessary certificates. With no intention to brag we may say, though, that because of the proactive attitude we are ahead of our colleagues.

No risk for end-buyers

With almost all the items of the Giving Europe assortment you can assure your clients they are safe. An extra sales argument for you. For your clients another reason to choose for Giving Europe’s products. Clients choose certainty. A mistake, or even a recall as a consequence of a poor product, is the nightmare of any client who is proud of their image and built brand awareness.

  • We sell only to distributors.
  • We take Producers’ responsibilities.

NS Promotion is a part of MEC Gruppen, established in 1985, based in Halmstad, Sweden. With more than three decades of experience from production and import of promotional items we feel confident in helping our resellers and their customers doing good business.